Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The application is in the mail!

Well, step one is officially complete!  We dropped the application in the mail this evening!  It's just a tiny little step, but now we're one step closer to completing our family!  yay!!!!

Now comes the very first bout of waiting.  It should take 6-8 weeks to get all of the references back, background check, employment verification, etc.  THEN, we get to start our homestudy.  There will be more paperwork, visits with the social worker, inspection of our home, etc.

It's so exciting!  Eric and I are already starting to talk about baby names.  It's important to us to focus on the fun parts too, since the process is so long and daunting.  We're also redoing Kaylee's room.  The girls are going to move in together and share until they are old enough move to the bedrooms downstairs.  I have started a Roman shade, and we're going to paint.  Kera is going to move out of her toddler bed an into a big girl bed.  There's still discussion of whether or not bunk beds will be involved.  I'm leaning toward no, but mostly because I think Kera would sneak into the top bunk with Kaylee and then fall out.

We're moving the girls in together now, so they can get used to it and so they won't feel displaced by the new baby.  They seem pretty excited about the idea of sharing a room, for now.  I just don't know how to get them to sleep.  Kera is a very light sleeper and wakes Kaylee up whenever she wakes up.

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