Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving on to the Home Assessment!

We met with our social worker today.   We're  making progress!  The application process is nearly complete, there are just a couple more pieces of paperwork left to get in and we'll be set.  We're moving on to the home assessment, which is like a more in depth application procedure and an extensive report about me, Eric, the kids, and our home.  Our first meeting for that is next Thursday, and it should be about a one month process, give or take.

It's time to get our fingerprints done for the extensive background check.  We also need to start looking for an adoption attorney.  It's also time to start working on our adoption profile, which we've kind of already started.  I need to start writing some of the verbiage but it's hard to get started.  Once I get started, I know that I'll find the words that I want to say, but getting started is the part that is a little intimidating.

In other news, Eric has an interview next week for a second job.  I'll give more details later, but I have mixed feelings.  I know that we really need the money, but it will be very hard on us to  add another responsibility to the list.  I think it is something that Eric might actually enjoy though, so we'll see where God leads us on the issue of finances and employment.

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