Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inching forward

Our application has been received and things are now in motion.  Our references have received their letters from the agency, so in just a few more weeks we'll be ready to start the home study.

We are in the process of moving Kaylee and Kera into the same room.  Kera got her big girl bed today and both girls got new bedding.  They were both so excited, and Kera just beamed with pride as she saw her brand new bed.  I'm glad they're excited about sharing a room, I hope this lasts for a while!  I'll share some pictures after the room is done...we still need to paint and hang their new Roman shade.

We need  to start getting organized for a garage sale to raise some more adoption funds, but I just haven't had time yet.  We've all been sick, so between that, work, church, and dance there hasn't been a lot of time.  It's kind of a good thing though because otherwise I would be obsessing more than I already am.

I've also started thinking about what we need to include in our adoption profile - you know, the book that will be shown to expecting moms.  How do we convey who are family is in a little book?  I have started digging through old pictures and realize that there aren't many of Eric and even fewer of me.  I need to work on changing that!  If something were ever to happen to me or Eric  I want the kids to be able to look at photos and see how happy we all are.

Eric has started an outline of what to include in the profile.  It's nice that he's so willing to be a participant in this process.  It shows how much he loves this family and how much he's looking forward to this baby as much as I am.  I am truly blessed to have such a caring and wonderful husband.  And in case you're wondering, no, Eric didn't hack into my blogger account to write that himself - he really IS being awesome about this whole process!! :o)

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